"Why?! Your hair is so perfect !"

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

When I mentioned to a friend that I was cutting my hair, her reply was "Why?! Your hair is so perfect! This caught me off guard, not because people hadn't told me my hair was perfect or GOALS it was because this was the first time I wasn't "chasing perfection". I had a previous cut (literally 2 weeks before this hair cut) that took my curls to bob length. I finally was in love with my hair, my curls had their pop back, my hair was acting right again. That cut brought my inspiration back, after about a week and half I realized there was still so much hair on my head and I ready to go shorter. I thought "wait what? you wanna go shorter Marche' who are you" I couldn't believe I was considering going shorter and it wasn't until my friend made the comment that my hair was perfect so why was I cutting that I realized this was not only the biggest change I've ever made to my hair but it was the first change where I wasn't chasing perfection.

What are perfect curls anyway? I was changing my hair because I wanted to, you know with year 25 on its way it had your girl ready for some change. I'll speak on my self-love/care journey in a later blog post. As I mentioned on my Instagram a natural hair journey can make you feel guilty for wanting to change your hair in any form, color, cut, extensions. I had to readjust and check myself and realize ITS JUST HAIR. We put so much into our hair, especially as black women, which I'm not saying is a bad thing at all but never feel guilty for wanting change. Sometimes to see the growth and change you want in your life (or your hair) you have to cut things away, you have to make change. I mean the saying rings true "When a women cuts her hair she's about to change her life".

The whole natural hair movement has its own rules and stigmas and isn't the point of natural hair to embrace it naturally. Yeah we all have HAIR GOALS, but in that love your hair, and be brave with it. I was also one of those girls who thought I could never pull off short curls and so I much rather keep my color damaged hair. I was letting my fear of change control something as little as hair. Don't let fear of change stop you in any aspect of your life....So if the question of the hour is why did I cut my hair (and I'm considering going slightly shorter....just slightly) it's simply because I WANTED TO, nothing more nothing less. I told yall I was about to shake things up.. Im doing the work to be the girl of my dreams one aspect at a time, and I'm taking y'all on the journey with me.

-With love Marche'


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