Turn Around Sis

As the new year is here, it has me in a reflective mood. As this time of year usually does to people forces us to think about all the things we did accomplish, all that we didn’t, all that we encountered this year plus a group of other things. I was looking through my Instagram one night and realized how much can happen in just a years’ time. Sometimes in order for us to be reminded of just how far we have come we must turn around and look behind us.

As we all know social media can have you feeling like everyone else is surpassing you, achieving all these amazing things and just has life together. Many people are achieving goals however don’t ever forget that social media or a picture is a still frame of a small moment. We rarely know what battles they are in or have made it through. The internet is slowly becoming more real, where people are sharing their lows just as much as their highs, its becoming more human however it’s the internet it will never beat real life.

This photo to the right was at the end of 2017, and the caption read “2018 WILL be my year.” I had no idea what I meant by that because I didn’t sit down and truly envision what that might mean for me. I am practicing being more intentional about my prayers, and the things I am trying to manifest in my life. However that statement actually manifested itself, 2018 was MY year, not necessarily in the sense of all these amazing accomplishments happening but it was the year I decided to show up for myself. That looked like me deciding to address pain that I had just stuffed away. Acknowledging that if I don’t like something about myself and I am able to change it … then CHANGE IT, and stepping out on faith .

I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself in 2018, and decided to show up for myself instead. Over the course of the year my evolution became something that I truly took ownership over. Many times we put things on other people that are really our responsibility. You cant expect others to fix themselves if you aren’t even ready to evolve on your own. Self-love is a day to day journey, one that reveals more and more beauty as its traveled. 2018 I took some major leaps of faith, and faced some of my fears straight on. I launched my blog and I cut all my hair off in one year, like whattttttt who am I ?

Going into 2019

2018 was MY year, but so will 2019, I am still on this journey, there are still things I lack and parts of me that need some work but its a journey not a destination. I’ve witnessed a lot of people around me evolve this past year and do major things. Know I see y'all working and glowing out here. I’m enjoying the type of things I see on my social media, its a lot more “real” and we are realizing that our peace of mind, our self-love and taking care of mental space is of top priority. 2019 will be the year of clarity for me, and I will push myself even more, and force myself out of my comfort zones, GROWTH IS UNCOMFORTABLE , lean into that because its only going to make you better. My wish for everyone in 2019 is simple…. Peace of mind, which comes from choosing you, knowing that you will be ok, accepting your story even the parts that we rather forget, and showing yourself grace on your own particular journey.

With Love,


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