The side effects of a Hot Girl Summer

Real hot girl shit, right? Everyone has said the words “It’s a Hot Girl summer “as least once during summer 2019, and what your HGS stood for and looked like was completly up to you. If you follow me on social media you’d know I took full advantage of my HGS summer this year and traveled for 3 weeks straight, sounds amazing, right? Don’t get me wrong it was absolutely amazing, I had so much fun, and I deserve. However, if you’re a person who classifies as an introvert just as much as you are an extrovert then you can understand when I say that having a HGS, in terms of being super social is a different type of exhausted. Once my “world tour” as everyone else called it, was over I found myself feeling all over the place. It was as if my head wouldn’t stop spinning, and I desperately needed to regroup, but how?

Being on the go, having a good time, grinding nonstop, none of these things are bad by any means. But when you don’t stop and take a breath it can cause you to get in this weird space of being in your own head. Now I know it was retrograde for a portion of the summer, and if that’s not something you believe in then still continue reading because the tips I share to cope with the effects of a HGS still apply to you. The effects of a HGS for me resulted in a few things that I was not expecting;

1. Increased comparisons; I found myself comparing what I was doing, and where I was at way more than I’d like to. Now everyone compares themselves, obviously social media makes this fact 10x worse because people usually only show the good. Its summer time so everyone’s traveling, and it’s always grind time so everyone is also leveling up in life, which is BOMB shout out to all the 20 somethings killing it. With that being said, its really easy to slip into a “well wtf am I doing “mentality. How I coped with this side effect was by reminding myself of my journey and showing myself grace. I would literally say out aloud this affirmation “While they were praying and working for that, you were working and praying on something else. Your time is coming, breath you’ve got this”. Reminding yourself of your story or journey and bring yourself back to reality. You won’t ever really know someone’s full story nor do you know what it took for them to get to the place you so desperately feel like you should be. What’s meant for you will always find to you, when you’re ready and when you’ve worked for it of course.

2. Lack of motivation: This one caught me by surprise, I have a few projects in the works, I was on the hunt for a new job, and I’m constantly working on my brand, yet I found myself unmotivated to do any of it. I felt stuck, similar to writer’s block, which you don’t have to be a writer to sympathize with that. Ever text your group chat like “I need a caption” yeah, baby writers block. I get easily overwhelmed when I’m in a space like this and am famous for having a ton of things to do and choosing to take a nap instead. Staying in this space too long can be haunting to your progress. Something new I’ve been practicing is allowing myself to feel and live in any space for a determined amount of time. For example, I felt completely unmotivated and uninspired I let myself binge watch Netflix and lay in bed for a day and half and then I was forcing myself to get up and find motivation again. Trust me, when you allow yourself to feel a space, or emotion instead of always blocking it out, it helps. My tip for this side effect come up with three things that are guaranteed to inspire you, shift your mood, and reset your mind. Examples could be your favorite song, dance in your mirror, go for a run, repeat a set of affirmations, read, write or call a friend to help snap you out of it.

3. Simply just overwhelmed: Being “Mixy” or extremely social for a prolonged amount of time can simple just overwhelm the heck out of you. I honestly don’t know how I did it in college but being repeatedly social for more than two days in a row is extremely draining for me and I know for so many others. This one is pretty common and how I cope with this side effect is pretty simple, be alone. I know, mind blowing right, simple sit with yourself. I know that sometimes truly being alone is just not attainable to some (i.e. kids, etc.) but everyone needs some uninterrupted alone time. It’s the best way to calm yourself because when we get overwhelmed by being social its usually created in our own head, unless you actually have a ton of shit to do then I have a coping tip for you as well. If you find yourself overwhelmed for real reasons like work has piled up, stop, breath and create an achievable check list and get her done. By achievable I mean there’s only so many hours in one day, don’t burn yourself out by trying to do everything in one day, if possible split things, prioritize and tackle it one thing at a time.

At the end of the day A Hot Girl Summer can mean a lot of things and it’s always good to have a good time and have some fun. But keeping it real, being social is draining and we all deal with it. I hope these side effects of a HGS mad you feel a little more normal about how you may be feeling and I hope the tips help. Now go get in your bag …… and his/hers too.

Good energy & Support


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