The Road Less Traveled

To be quite honest I don’t know where this post will go I just hope y’all stay till the end . What do you when the plan you had with someone begins to crumble ? What decision do you decision on? Who do you turn to when no one can relate? Who do you chose when it’s you , us or them? The natural next step in my life didn’t make sense, and at that point I was to filled with fear, low self-esteem and putting way too much value on what others thought of me ....I was tripping for real. Why would I care what “they” had to say when “they” didn’t know the ends and outs of my life . At some point though it just becomes too much weight to carry when you aren’t honoring yourself, your happiness or your own wishes. I was being crushed under the weight of anxiety, public opinion, family expectations , my hopes and was ignoring the biggest thing; MY REALITY . My reality did not align nor was it adding up to equal everything I once thought I was going to have . 

The concept of blind faith was something I hadn’t had much experience with, the type where you’re flying but you have no idea where your going. The pilot just says “Stay with me okay? Trust me ? We will experience some turbulence but I promise when we land it’ll be magic”. Any who , you’ll reach a point in certain life situations where you’re almost forced to chose yourself and have blind faith. I had no idea what was on the other side of fear but you better believe I was going to find out. It’s crazy how we can remember everyone but ourselves. Sometimes we have to just pack up everything we know and based off that make the best decision for ourselves AT THAT POINT IN TIME.

I feel I've been lead to this position to be an example of doing what some might deem "brave" or "impossible" but it really just boils down to choosing yourself. If Im meant to help other 20 somethings; then lets get it. Ladies, you are worth it, I know we think we're running out of time but we really aren't. Bet on yourself, go after everything you want, be focused on you and become the best version of yourself. Choosing ourselves looks different for every women, I hope someone finds inspiration in my story . We are all in this together, you are worth it, you are magical and you are strong enough to grow through anything that comes your way. Our triumphs can only happen after we fall a few times, everything that we grow through was needed to become are ultimate selves.

I've decided to focus on me , to embark on a journey back to Marche’ .

A road less traveled ....a road I decided to walk alone . So when you see me don’t ask me when I’m getting married .....ask me what I’m focused on ? The answer will be me, my goals, my happiness , and my peace . 

With Love, M.

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