Dear 24,

Oh 24, you were something for the books and created so much growth in me. I’ve learned so much about myself through this past year and being on this journey of self-love, I’m talking more than getting my nails done or going shopping. I dove deeper into what I actually think and what I want out of life. I decided in year 24 to stop letting fear hold me back, I actually faced fear straight on, not without hesitation though (I am keeping it real with yall).

A lot of us 20 something’s think by 25 we have to have our entire life figured out when in reality that’s a pressure we are putting on ourselves. I feel like 25 came quick af and I am not where I thought I’d be but I know I’m exactly where god needs me to be .Don’t fall victim to the social media twilight zone, everyone doesn’t have it all together they just posted that one segment that was pretty perfect in their bigger picture of “what the fuck am I doing?”.

Year 24 taught me I need to stop carrying around what other people think more then I care about what I think. 24 showed me a new depth of myself, my strength and my faith through phases of uncomfortable-ness I learned to lean into discomfort because those are chances for growth. I still can’t believe I’m 25, really where did time go, I have tapped into new dimensions of my womanhood and I am excited to journey through 25 with god as my center and my focus.

I hope you all take this project of mine with grace and an open mind. I hope to help someone through my journeying, my mistakes, my failures, my successes and of course through hair makeup and beauty…duh. As I part ways with 24 I say thank you….for it ALL, I was not always appreciative and I did not always show grace but it was still a magical year. You were an amazing journey and I welcome 25, I’m ready ….I’m feeling inspired again, my energy is different, THIS IS 25....!

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